March 3, 2015 Sean Marak

The Founders

Experior Financial Group of Guelph Ontario is a fresh face in the financial services industry. Although a brand new company, they already have quite an extensive history!

After experiencing much success as financial advisors and managers at Primerica, Jamie Prickett along with wife Lee-Ann were dreaming of branching out and starting their own company. In April of 2012, they finally took the leap and together they founded Empirical Group. After only six months, Empirical Group grew so fast that three others decided to buy into the company, leaving Jamie and Lee-Ann as 25 per cent shareholders.

After recently resigning, Jamie and Lee-Ann Prickett have once again decided to launch a brand new company – Experior Financial Group!

Now only four months in business, Experior Financial Group has brokered over 25 insurers and 40 lenders, providing clients with many options on their product shelf. Experior Financial Group has over 60 advisors in five offices across Ontario and one office in Saskatchewan. Their head office is in Guelph Ontario, located at 319 Speedvale Avenue East.

Having combined experience of over 20 years in the financial services industry, Jamie and Lee-Ann have found their niche in helping families overcome debt challenges. Over their long-standing careers, they have become masters at creative problem solving. They are confident in finding a solution to your dilemma, no matter how complex it may seem!

Today, Experior Financial is a company that believes in doing what is in the best interest for the client. They also believe that advisors should have the freedom to truly own their business and be acknowledged for outstanding accomplishments – no matter if you are a tenured advisor or a new advisor starting out.

To learn more about Experior Financial Group and how they stand apart from others in the industry, connect withJamie Prickett and Lee-Ann Prickett on LinkedIn! You can also visit their website at

– Guelph Mercury, Jul 01, 2014,

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